29. May 2009

Is the Bible a reliable source?

Posted in Uncategorized at 13:54 by 5carrolls

What evidence is there that the Bible is reliable? On Monday night we have been talking about evidences that support the factuality of the contents of scripture.  So far we have seen that the Bible was written by eye witnesses or those who had spoken directly with eyewitnesses. The fact the they all tell the same story about Jesus gives credibility to their work.

A second important piece of evidence is the knowledge of the readers and their reaction to sermons they heard and documents they read during the first century. They did not claim the events to be false or exaggerated. On the contrary many accepted the message and became followers themselves. By their reactions they validated the message.

When we meet again on the 8th of June we will take a look at how the bible came to us today.  Perhaps we will find that a number of mistakes have been during the time that the Bible was copied by hand.  I doubt it, but come and see for yourself. Contact me for meeting times and place.


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